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Setting up the Analog Input Card in RSLogix 5000

Let’s assume that the output of our scales has been calibrated for 0-10 VDC. Zero volts equals 0 pounds, and 10 volts equals 2000 pounds.

Now we know the signal type is DC voltage, the range is 0-10 and the engineering units are pounds.

Right-click on the 1756-IF8 card in the Controller Organizer and choose “Properties”. Click on the “Configuration” tab and you will see this.

You’ll see that Channel 0, which is our Scales channel, is selected.

Click on the dropdown menu for “Input Range” and select “0V to 10V”.

Change the “Low Signal” field to 0.

Change the “High Engineering” field to 2000.

Change the “Low Engineering” field to 0.

That is all we really need to do. However, we are going to take advantage of the fact that there is a filter available. This filter smooths input transitions.

Set the “Digital Filter” field to 1000 ms.

Click “Apply” and we are done with the scales.